Our Mission

Dade Moeller Health Group’s mission is to provide quality health‐related services to private and government
medical providers and patients, consistent with the mission of Dade Moeller.

About Dade Moeller Health Group

Dade Moeller Health Group (DMHG) is a strategic subsidiary of Dade Moeller and Associates designed to expand our radiation protection, worker safety and quality assurance expertise to the use of radiation and radioactive materials in the health care industry. We are a comprehensive medical physics support group providing professional, commissioning, regulatory and educational services. DMHG is leading its efforts in the health care industry by growing a practice that emphasizes personal relationships among professionals, practitioners, and patients to ensure exceptional quality.

“I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Jim Vaughan and the PSI team since 1995. It is now 2014 and they continue to provide our physics services. Needless to say but I would not have anybody else provide those services. They are qualified, thorough, professional and responsive. Everything that you would expect from a top notch physics group.”

Dhiren Shah, MDRadiation Oncologist, Cancer Care of WNY

“The Dade Moeller consulting physicists go above and beyond, proactively ensuring that our facility meets the American College of Radiology safe practice standards,” said Missouri Cancer Associates Chief Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer Iris Ouyang. Their expertise and professionalism are top-notch, and we recommend them highly to others.”

“PSI is the most proficient planning team I’ve met.  The physics is nuclear.  They are the best planners around and have helped drive our practice forward introducing new modalities – SBRT, HDR.  They are well versed in all radiation treatments which allow them to provide a level of expertise across all treatment modalities that is unparalleled to the other services around.  They provide comprehensive services across dosimetry and physics.”

Michael Duff, MDRadiation Oncologist, Cancer Care of WNY

“Physics Services Integrated has provided services to Hahne Regional Cancer Center, DuBois PA for the last 2 years. Through James Vaughan’s leadership and team of expert physicists they have assisted our radiation oncology program to work in a multidisciplinary environment to improve the quality, safety, and service to the patients in our community. In collaboration with the PSI team we have moved the level of care to a higher degree in our department, always focusing first on patient safety, environment and comfort. I highly recommend any radiation oncology department to network with PSI’s years of experience and dedication to the specialized field of radiation oncology.”

Laura L. Adams BAS, RTRM, DirectorHahne Regional Cancer Center, DuBois, PA

“We have been very satisfied with the service provided by Jim Vaughan and his group. All their activities provide prompt and exceptional results.  We are perhaps most pleased with their very quick & helpful phone response which is easily reached.”

W.H.B. MDPatterson Cancer Care Center, Coudersport, PA